Bhiner Review: Is Bhiner a Cheap TaoBao Agent?

Bhiner review by a TaoBao addict (I buy 99% of my stuffs from Taobao): Is Bhiner ( a good, reliable and cheap TaoBao agent to use? Bhiner is an international English Taobao agent for people around the world. They helps English-speakers buy items from TaoBao effortlessly. I browsed through their website checking out their services and charges. The design of the website is simple, easy to use and responsive. Bhiner offers two types of agent services: “Buy for you” and “Ship for you”. For “Buy for you”, they will buy the TaoBao item on behalf of you and takes all the responsibility of arranging the desired items. If you have already found the items you want to buy on, you can just order it by pasting the TaoBao item link in the search box. You can also shop on their website and add to cart straightaway. Everything will be done on their website in English including payment. In addition, I checked the website traffic. I found that Bhiner is not yet a popular TaoBao agent, with moderate traffic of approximately over 46000 visitors monthly. The most significant portion of the traffic comes from USA (35.2%).

Bhiner Review

Bhiner Review
How to use Bhiner? The tutorial section on its website was blank. I believe they are working on it. It should not be hard. If you are new to buying through a TaoBao agent, you can browse through other agents’ tutorials such as YoyBuy. The processes are all similar. One thing I dislike is that they do not have a clear shipping fee chart. However, they have a really good cost calculator. After entering the item price + domestic shipping fee, estimated weight and your destination, available shipping provider, total in first payment and total in second payment will be shown neatly. Something that makes this TaoBao agent special is their Cosplay customizing service. You can make your own custom Cosplay outfit by just fill in the blanks and they will get back to you within two working day.

Bhiner Payment

Bhiner accept payment in US dollars (USD), Chinese Yuan Renminbi (RMB), Euro (EUR), Singapore Dollar (SGD), Australian Dollar (AUD), and British Pound (GBP). Two payments are required separately. You first payment will be item cost and domestic shipping cost (if any) and agent fee of 5%. The minimum agent fee is 15 RMB. Second payment will be only international shipping cost (to destination) based on weight or size depends on what shipping provider you use. Payment can be made via Paypal, Western Union, Wire Transfer or Bank TT Payment.

Bhiner Shipping Fee and Service Fee

Bhiner provides a few shipping method to choose from – Bhiner Express, DHL, Hong Kong Post, Fedex, China Post SAL, EMS, UPS. They do accept sensitive items but you need to pay extra for it. Please contact them before you place your order. You can contact them via email or use the message box (after login). They might take 1 to 2 days to reply. I tried their shipping cost calculator and it cost me at least a total of USD155 (product cost + domestic shipping + international shipping + agent fee) to buy the heavy electrical item I recently bought from TaoBao depends on which shipping provider I use. Though agent fee is cheap (only 5%) but their shipping is expensive! Play with the calculator to see the estimated cost for you to buy something through Bhiner from TaoBao China to your country. Repacking service to reduce the weight or size of your packages is free.

Bhiner Discount

Bhiner has a membership program enables you to enjoy discount. The more you buy the greater discount you enjoy. The membership is obtained by accumulating points. 1 for 1 RMB will be awarded to your account. If you spend more than RMB10000, you will enjoy 4.5% agent fee instead of 5%. If you spend more than RMB40000, you will enjoy 4% agent fee instead of 5%. If you spend more than RMB100000, you will enjoy 3.5% agent fee instead of 5%. If you spend more than RMB600000, you will enjoy 2.5% agent fee instead of 5%. 2.5% is the lowest agent fee among the whole TaoBao agent industry.

Bhiner Review Conclusion

Although Bhiner agent fee is cheap, their shipping fee is expensive as compared to other agents. If your items are heavy, shipping will cost you a fortune. I found some bad reviews from bloggers. 1) Their shipping is slow. 2) They sent buyers cheaper version of the TaoBao items. 3) They are not honest in weighing the items. You pay more than what you should. I am not sure how far these reviews are true but I am really scared of these stuffs. You really need to be careful about choosing a TaoBao agent. Any reader from USA? Do you use Bhiner? If you know any good TaoBao agent, please let me know in the comment section below.

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