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TaoBao International Shipping Cost

How to calculate TaoBao International Shipping cost? Need to ship packages overseas from China? How much will it cost to ship a package from China to another country? How to save more on international shipping cost? Are you new to shipping internationally? Learn about TaoBao international shipping cost here. I have separated TaoBao international shipping cost into two categories too: 1) Official 2) Nonofficial. There are many nonofficial TaoBao international shipping companies. Just search “代运 (daiyun)” on you will find many. In this entry, I will use the cheapest international shipping company (for my country) I have found as my example to do a cost comparison. Let me know if you found any cheap international shipping company in the comment section below. TaoBao official shipping rate is roughly RMB14-RMB115 and the nonofficial shipping rate is roughly RMB16-RMB445 depends on where you are. The official TaoBao shipping companies currently ship to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand whereas the nonofficial ship worldwide.

How to calculate TaoBao International Shipping cost

TaoBao International Shipping Cost
How to calculate TaoBao international shipping cost? The TaoBao shipping system allows you to choose from a variety of shipping companies. Calculating the shipping cost can be complicated. Be prepared before you ship by checking the shipping rates to your country, item weight and size. Item weight and size can be found on the item description page. If it is not specified, contact the seller using AliWangWang. Also, contact the shipping company for weight and size limit before you place your order. You may need to check out restricted and prohibited items too. Official TaoBao international shipping cost is calculated by weight. See image above. For example, if you are staying in USA, and you are choosing USPS as the courier, you shipping cost will be:

  1. If the weight is 0.3kg, calculated by 1kg, you need to pay RMB85
  2. If the weight is 2.3kg, calculated by 2.5kg, you need to pay 85 + 22 (2.5-1 )/0.5 = RMB151
  3. If the weight is 10.3kg, calculated by 11kg, you need to pay 11*43 = RMB473
  4. If the weight is 24.5kg, calculated by 25kg, you need to pay 25*43 = RMB1075

Please note that items that exceed the size and weight limit will be rejected by the TaoBao official shipping companies. Most nonofficial TaoBao international shipping cost is calculated by the actual weight or the dimensional weight whichever is greater plus a service fee. The service fee can be warehouse fee, repackaging fee or others. The dimensional weight is calculated by dividing the cubic size (length*width*height) in cm by 6000 to determine dimensional weight in kg. For example, if the shipping rate is RMB17 per kg and service fee is RMB3, your shipping cost will be:

  1. If the actual weight is 9.5kg and the dimensional weight is 7.5kg (46.5*28.5*34/6000), calculated by 10kg,
    you need to pay 10*17 (cost per kg) + 3 (service fee) = RMB173
  2. If the actual weight is 5.5kg and the dimensional weight is 7.5kg (46.5*28.5*34/6000), calculated by 8kg,
    you need to pay 8*17 (cost per kg) + 3 (service fee) = RMB174

Shipping multiple items in one box is far less expensive than shipping boxes separately. You can ask any of the nonofficial shipping company to repack your items from multiple sellers in one box to reduce shipping cost. This repacking service is normally free. Please note that not all shipping companies are available in your country. You may also need to pay duties and taxes when you receive your shipment, depending on the value of the items your purchased and your country’s import laws.