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Buy Mobile Phones Online from TaoBao

How to buy cheap mobile phones from China? Buy from TaoBao! Is it safe to buy mobile phones online from TaoBao? Can we buy mobile phones online from TaoBao? Can I buy Chinese android smartphones from TaoBao? Have you ever think of buying a mobile phone online from TaoBao? If you are a fan of China brand mobile phones or Chinese android smartphones such as XiaoMi, Huawei, Lenovo, Meizu, Honor, etc. you probably think of it. Have you? My Samsung note is seriously heating up and draining battery very quickly. I am thinking to buy XiaoMi Redmi Note 3 or Lenovo K3 from TaoBao. Why not continuing buying Samsung? Chinese mobile phones have great specs and low prices. It is just hard to get them until these brands officially release products to the local market. I have tried to get XiaoMi through local XiaoMi official website but they are always out of stock. I have no way to buy them unless I buy from grey market or buy straight from China. That is why I came out this idea of buying mobile phones online from TaoBao.

Should I Buy Mobile Phones Online from TaoBao

Buy Mobile Phones Online TaoBao

Should I buy mobile phones online from TaoBao? The answer I get is NO. Mobile phones are one of the TaoBao restricted and prohibited items to ship outside China as they contain batteries. I know for sure that official TaoBao International Shipping companies such as 4PX will not ship this. I contacted other international shipping sales representative by AliWangWang for my questions and concerns (see image above). I asked whether mobile phones can be shipped outside China to Malaysia from them and he/she said it can be done. However, it is not recommended. For loss or damage of item, the shipping company will not be responsible and a refund will not be given. The supplier also takes no responsibility. In addition, mobile phones may not pass the custom or you may need to pay additional tax. From his/her messages, it reminded me of my brother travelling to China few years back putting his mobile phone in his luggage. When he reached the hotel, he could not find his phone. Probably somebody took it during luggage transfer even his luggage was locked. Another thing I am concern is that, Chinese smartphones straight from China market might not have Google play and Youtube. I did a Chinese android smartphones market survey in my country and I found that the prices are still reasonable. Although it is really easy and cheap to buy mobile phones online from TaoBao, the risk is too damn high. XiaoMi is hard to get from its official website but XiaoMi phones are available to purchase through local network operators or retailers. I do not really have to buy from TaoBao. That is why I have categorized mobile phones as what you should not buy from TaoBao. Buying mobile phones online is not for everyone. You might get a great deal on a cheap phone, or you might get a headache that will not disappear for several weeks.