DotDotBuy Review: Is DotDotBuy a Good TaoBao Agent?

DotDotBuy review by a TaoBao addict. Is DotDotBuy an efficient, cost effective and reliable TaoBao agent? Is DotDotBuy the same as SuperBuy? DotDotBuy was founded in 2012 by Mr Haixing Gong and has been serving overseas customers who wish to purchase products from China since then. The company’s name has changed recently (from DotDotBuy) to SuperBuy. As I said in my previous entry, changing a business name is a costly and disruptive process, especially for established businesses. You cannot just start calling it something different. Print and online marketing materials and bank accounts will have to change, websites adjusted, domain names registered, email addresses updated, and so on. I do not think it is a good idea to change a well-known company’s name. However, I found the reason in a letter from SuperBuy’s CEO in my email.

A Letter from SuperBuy’s CEO: For a Better Future Together

To SuperBuy’s Valued Customers:
Good day! It has been a great pleasure to meet you at SuperBuy. According to the ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ rule, we would need less than five intermediaries to know each other. Regardless of whether you are a new SuperBuy user or one of our existing loyal supporters, by the time you read this letter, we have now become friends. Therefore, I feel extremely grateful and fortunate to have gotten to know you through all walks in our lives.

Since 2012, SuperBuy’s (formerly DotDotBuy) aim has always been to create change and bring value to overseas Chinese’s lives. Our biggest reward is not the number of sales transactions or the increasing number of users but it is your continuous support as our most loyal customer. Our platform is built to provide you with a reliable and convenient shopping experience and we have been constantly improving from your advices and encouragement. We are grateful to be who we are today and our success comes from your long-term support.

As DotDotBuy’s business continues to expand, we have been receiving various requests not only from overseas Chinese and students but also from an increasing number of foreigners. Therefore, the brand SuperBuy has been created to cater to the international audience with English as the medium of language. Not only have we upgraded the entire shopping interface, the search engine provides a one-stop shopping solution where users can search for products on multiple e-commerce platforms and complete the purchase in one go. Moreover, we have established an Expert Team to help you search and compare between products (e.g. Price/Quality) for both B2C and B2B customers. Last but not least, we have launched our branch office in Hong Kong supporting B2C and B2B international businesses such as storage, consolidation and forwarding services, bulk sales and vertical markets on top of SuperBuy’s platform. We are motivated to pursue the best of service for our customers and through this comprehensive introductory video, we hope that you can get to know the new SuperBuy.

SuperBuy has a help center to support both new and existing users no matter how complicated your problem is. If you have specific questions such as delivery lead time and charges, our 7*24 after sales will be at your service.

Double 11 is an online global shopping celebration originated from China. We have been anticipating and feel extremely excited about the upcoming event. We hope you are experiencing the same anticipation as we do in China, and you are only one click away from joining SuperBuy’s Global Shopping Festival. We will be offering you a series of promotions and rewards, including a red pocket shower, lottery, delivery discounts, friend’s referral program and much more.

Once again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our supporters and please do not hesitate to contact me ( regardless of what your thoughts may be – questions, critique or suggestions. I will carefully study your inquiry and do my best to answer all your questions.

Wish you a good day!

Gong Haixing
CEO, SuperBuy
2016-11-08 China, Shenzhen

DotDotBuy Review

DotDotBuy Review

DotDotBuy Shipping Fee

DotDotBuy ships worldwide. International Shipping fee will be calculated by the actual weight or the dimensional weight. Learn how to calculate the shipping fee in TaoBao International Shipping Cost. The shipping rate depends on where you are shipping the item and the shipping method you use. You can find the shipping rate and shipping method for different countries on their website. Their shipping rate is high, higher than TaoBao Global Direct Shipping or TaoBao Consolidate and Shipping. Check them out and compare before you make any purchase.

DotDotBuy Agent Fee

DotDotBuy does not charge an agent fee. The fee is ZERO. They are so far the only agent I have found that does not charge a fee for their service. The total cost you need to pay will be: The cost of purchasing goods + local shipping (if any) + international shipping cost + a declaration fee of RMB8 (for custom clearance). Be aware, they do not charge an agent fee but their shipping rate is high.

DotDotBuy Payment Methods

Payment can be made via Paypal, Alipay, Credit Card, Wechat, Bank transfer. If you use PayPal, they will charge you a transaction fee of 2.9%+0.3USD. Use other options to avoid the transaction fee.

DotDotBuy Contact

See SuperBuy Review.

DotDotBuy Discount Code

DotDotBuy Discount Code, DotDotBuy Cash Voucher, DotDotBuy Coupon? They have a membership program enables you to enjoy discount. They offer different kinds of benefits for each membership level VIP0 to VIP6. The more money you spend, the higher level you will be. In addition, you can get discount coupons by participate in their activities. You may invite your friends to buy from them and get a RMB30 voucher for every friend you refer.

DotDotBuy Review Conclusion

Currently known as SuperBuy, they were quite famous and reputable in the past few years. For your information, is no longer in service. Go to the new SuperBuy website. They are currently the cheapest TaoBao agent I have found because they do not charge an agent fee. Just find out the the international shipping rate and delivery time. If the rate and time is okay for you, you might want to give them a chance. I do not know whether they are honest in weighing your items. If you have tried them, good or bad, please leave a comment below. Your comments will help people make better decisions.

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