EzBuy Review: Is Ezbuy a Cheap TaoBao Agent?

EzBuy Review: Is Ezbuy an efficient, cost effective and reliable TaoBao agent? Should you be aware of EzBuy? Is EzBuy the same as 65daigou? Your personal shopper Singapore, buys the world for you. The company established in Singapore in 2009 and has been offering an one-stop solution for overseas shopping from China, USA and Taiwan since then. It is formerly or I shall say, most commonly known as 65daigou. Although 65daigou.com is still active, they will lead you to websites of you respective country eventually: Singapore (ezbuy.sg), Malaysia (ezbuy.my), Indonesia (id.ezbuy.com), Australia (au.ezbuy.com) and Thailand (th.ezbuy.com). I found that they are the only TaoBao agent provide websites in different languages such as Thai and Malay. If you do not know English and Chinese, you have no choice but to choose them. If you happen to know any TaoBao agent that provide services in multi languages, leave me a comment below. Their two major competitors are SGshop and Wivaa.

EzBuy Review

EzBuy Review
Not only from TaoBao, you can access millions of products from Tmall, Amazon as well as many more sites in China, USA and Taiwan easily too. Shop for your favorite products from all the sites and buy from them, your products will arrive on your doorstep without any problem. They are also the only agent I have found that help you buy from other online shopping sites other than TaoBao.

EzBuy Shipping Fee

There are two payments to be made. First payment will be Product Payment = Product price + Domestic shipping fee. Second payment will be Parcel Payment = International Shipping Fee + Agent Fee + Home Delivery (optional) + Insurance (optional). International Shipping Fee will be calculated by the actual weight or the dimensional weight. Learn how to calculate the shipping fee here: TaoBao International Shipping Cost. The shipping rate depends on where you are shipping the item and the shipping method you use. Check them out before you make your order.

Beware of EzBuy: I have read some reviews on the net. Some people said that they are not honest in weighing the items for international shipping. Hence, you pay more international shipping fee than what you should. I am not sure how far these reviews are true but do more research or ask in forums before making your decision.

EzBuy Agent Fee

Agent Fee = (Product Price + Domestic shipping fee + International Shipping Fee)*8% / 6% / 4% depending on your membership level: MEMBER/ VIP/ SVIP. Sometimes they offer Free Agent Fee for certain countries. Keep an eye on their website or subscribe to their newsletters and find out about their latest special offers. Make sure you do not miss the opportunity.

*If you shop on their website straightaway, no agent fee will be charged.

EzBuy Warehouse

They have two warehouses. One at Shanghai and another one at Guangzhou. You can choose the one nearer to the sellers for your purchase and save some waiting time. If Guangzhou warehouse is busy (especially during TaoBao 1111 sale) or when the weather is bad, you can send your packages to Shanghai to avoid any delay. I have covered this in TaoBao China Delivery Service Alert.

EzBuy Contact

If you encounter any problem using their service, please feel free to contact them. Visit their websites of you respective country, You can find their contact on the bottom right of the website main page.

EzBuy Singapore

For all general enquiries: +65 6567 8880 (10am-6pm, Monday to Saturday)
For pre-scheduled collection and home delivery issues ONLY: +65 6305 9663 (6pm-10.30pm, Monday to Saturday)
Main Office Address: 136 Joo Seng Road, #06-02, Singapore 368360. Nearest MRT station: Tai Seng(CC11)
For complaints and others: service@ezbuy.com

EzBuy Malaysia

For all general enquiries: +603 27803898 (10am-6pm, Monday to Friday; 10am-2pm Saturday; Close on Sunday and Public Holiday)
Main Office Address: 3, Jalan Kencana 20, Taman Kencana, 56100 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
For complaints and others: supportmy@ezbuy.com

EzBuy Indonesia

For all general enquiries: (021) 400 800 88 (9am-6pm, Monday to Friday)
For complaints and others: supportid@ezbuy.com

EzBuy Australia

For all general enquiries: (02) 9888 7880 (Chinese); (02) 9889 0840 (English) (9am-6pm, Monday to Friday)
Main Office Address: Level 1, building 3, 35-41 Waterloo road, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113
For complaints and others: supportau@ezbuy.com

EzBuy Thailand

For all general enquiries: 02-03 85 800 (10am-6pm, Monday to Friday)
Main Office Address: Sermmit Tower 25th Floor, Unit 2502, 159 Sukhumvit 21 Road (Asok), North Klongtoey, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
For complaints and others: supportth@ezbuy.com

EzBuy Review Conclusion

Is this agent safe, convenient and economical? First, they will check your orders carefully to reduce error and fraud before shipping to you. You are able to monitor your product shipment real-time. Second, it is convenient. You can choose to pay them from various payment options, and you do not even need China or US address to shop online. Last, you enjoy low shipping rates when purchasing from them. They have served over 600000 customers and their stories has been told on newspapers and television programs. It is up to you to try them or not. For those who know Chinese, I suggest you to buy from TaoBao directly. You can save a lot of money.

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