MisterTao Review: Is MisterTao a Cheap TaoBao Agent?

MisterTao review by a TaoBao addict (I buy 99% of my stuffs from Taobao): Is MisterTao (mistertao.com) a good, reliable and cheap TaoBao agent to use? There are more and more TaoBao agents appearing on the internet. Some agents provide services for customers in certain countries such as SGshop helps only Malaysian and Singaporean to buy from TaoBao. MisterTao is a global Taobao agent offering worldwide TaoBao buying services. I browsed through their website checking out their services and charges. The design of the website is okay, simple and easy to use. MisterTao offers only one type of agent services: “Buy for you”. They do not have “Ship for you” service like SGshop. For “Buy for you”, they will buy the TaoBao item on behalf of you within 48 hours after they got your first payment and takes all the responsibility of arranging the desired items. Everything will be done on their website in English including payment. You just have to enter the TaoBao item links or you can shop on their website and add to cart straightaway. I also checked the website traffic. MisterTao is not yet a very popular TaoBao agent, with moderate traffic approximately over 119,000 visitors monthly. I discovered that the most significant portion of the traffic comes from Uzbekistan (52.6%). I guess people living in Uzbekistan like to use MisterTao. It seems like they are the only TaoBao agent that offers Russian language service.

MisterTao Review

MisterTao Review
How to use MisterTao? Check out their shopping guide on its website. One thing I like about MisterTao is that they have lots of tips and guidelines for you regarding shopping on TaoBao. For example, they have a weight chart for you to estimate your item weight to help you estimate the international shipping cost i.e. a T-shirt weighs about 250g. They have a product size chart for you to you convert item sizes to and from International, American, British, Italian, European, Australian, Chinese and Japanese sizes to help you find your right size. They also teach you how to get the biggest and latest discount, how to save more money, how to buy high-quality with low-priced TaoBao items etc. It is quite useful for people who are new to TaoBao. Not for me though.

MisterTao Payment

MisterTao only accept payment in US dollars at moment. Two payments are required separately. You first payment will be product cost and domestic shipping cost (if any). Second payment will be international shipping cost (to destination) calculated based on weight or size, 8% agent fee of total of product cost + domestic shipping + international shipping. Payment can be made via QIWI, Webmoney, Credit Card or Western Union. If you transfer funds to your MisterTao account, you can use the balance as a payment method. They do not accept PayPal.

MisterTao Shipping Fee and Service Fee

MisterTao provides a few shipping method to choose from too – China Post Air Mail (15-35 working days), China Post Air Big Parcel (20-40 working days), China Post SAL Parcel (20-45 working days), EMS (7-15 working days), Singapore Post (10-25 working days), Hongkong DHL. They do not accept drug, liquid, weapons, powder, cutting tools, coins, pasty and magnetic items, products with a weight of more than 10 kg and a length of over 80 cm. I tried their shipping fee calculator and it cost me at least a total of USD115 (product cost + domestic shipping + international shipping + agent fee) to buy a heavy electrical item I recently bought from TaoBao depends on which shipping method I use. Please take note that they do not ship electronics. I just want to see how much it cost using MisterTao. It takes about 20-40 working days to reach Malaysia for the cheapest option. Agent fee was about USD 9. You can play with the calculator to see the estimated cost for you to buy something from TaoBao China to your country.

MisterTao Discount

MisterTao has a VIP Club program enables you to enjoy discount. If you spend more than USD1000 in one year, you will be automatically promoted to VIP member. You can enjoy 5% agent fee instead of 8% permanently. In addition, they have a one to one VIP customer manager at your service such as product searching, stock status, weight check and so on. They will reply your message within 6 hours on working days (via VIP Tickets). They will prioritize your order; give priority to purchase your products.

MisterTao vs SGshop

As compared to SGshop (SGshop.com), I found that MisterTao is more attractive if you can become a VIP member and enjoy the 5% agent fee. The membership is permanent which will not be reset every 6 months like SGshop. They provide shipping service worldwide. For Singaporean, they also do not charge extra local delivery and clearance fee too.

My MisterTao review conclusion: For me, I will not consider using MisterTao. Sometimes, using TaoBao consolidate shipping is cheaper and easier. In addition, I think 8% agent fee is just too much for me. I do not want to pay agent fee and the shipping is too slow. Perhaps, the shipping is fast and cheap for your country. I do like to browse the website. I found many things I can buy on TaoBao.com.

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