SGshop Review: Is SGshop a Cheap TaoBao Agent?

SGshop review by a TaoBao addict (I buy 99% of my stuffs from Taobao): Is SGshop ( a good, reliable and cheap TaoBao agent to use? First of all, it is important for me to clarify that this is not a paid review. None of the reviews on this site is. I really love TaoBao and I have been looking for ways to save more money from buying on TaoBao as a buyer living outside China. SGshop is a Taobao agent for people living in Singapore and Malaysia. They helps English-speakers buy from TaoBao easily. I discovered SGshop on Facebook recommendation. They advertised on Facebook. I browsed through their website checking out their services and charges. I like the design of the website. It is very simple, easy to use, efficient and responsive. SGshop offers two types of agent services: “Buy for you” and “Ship for you”. For “Buy for you”, they will buy the TaoBao item on behalf of you and takes all the responsibility of arranging the desired items. Everything will be done on their website in English including payment. You just have to submit the TaoBao item links to them or you can shop on their website and add to cart straightaway.

SGshop Review

SGshop Review
How to use SGshop? Check out their step-by-step tutorial on its website. One thing I like about SGshop is their value-added services. You can request them to send you photos of your items, inspect the items before sending them to you, and choose to ship by normal post, vacuum pack or wooden crate. However, you need to pay for all these extra services. I have bought more than 200 items from TaoBao in the past three years and I have never got them inspected in China. The value-added services to me are useless. TaoBao has very good quality control as long as you choose the seller carefully. There is no need to check the items before sending them out from China.

SGshop Payment

Two payments are required separately. You first payment will be product cost and domestic shipping cost (if any). Second payment will be international shipping cost (to destination) calculated based on weight or size, 8% service fee of total of product cost + domestic shipping + international shipping, local delivery (optional) and clearance fee of $0.98. Payment can be made via internet banking, bank or ATM transfer, PayPal, eNETS and credit card. A transaction fee of 2.8% or 3.9% will be charged.

SGshop Shipping Fee and Service Fee

SGshop provide a few shipping method to choose from too – Express Air, Economy Air, Special Air and Sea Shipping. The shipping fee for Malaysia is expensive! I would not consider SGshop unless I want to sea ship my items. For Singaporean, although the shipping looks cheap keep in mind that your item will not reach your selected location in Singapore. You need to pay extra for local delivery. Do not forget the service/agent fee of 8% and all the other charges. I feel overwhelming checking out those charges.

SGshop Promo Code and Discount

SGshop has a membership program enables you to enjoy discount. If you spend up to $1000 within 6 months, you will be automatically promoted to Gold status. You can enjoy a discount of 25% for overall service fee (6% service fee will be charged instead of 8%). If you spend up to $3000 within 6 months, you will be automatically promoted to Premium status. You can enjoy a discount of 50% for overall service fee (4% service fee will be charged instead of 8%). This is useless as the membership status will be reset every 6 months. It sounds like you will need to keep spending to enjoy the membership. Do not fall into the trap.

SGshop vs 65DaiGou

As compared to 65DaiGou (, I found that 65DaiGou is more popular. They provide shipping service worldwide. People living in the USA, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. like to use 65DaiGou more than SGshop. 65DaiGou also looks more established and they have more TaoBao items offered on their website. I will look into it and write a review soon.

My SGshop review conclusion: After writing this review, I will not enter their website again unless I want to sea ship anything from China. The 8% service fee and extra charges are not for me.

SGshop alternative: MisterTao, YoyBuy, Bhiner, TaoBaoRing, 65DaiGou, WiWaa, TaobaoSpree, TaobaoFocus, TaobaoTrends, EngTaoBao, BuyChina, CSSBuy, iBuygle, Eazyla, SpreeNow, Peeka, Oops, EzBuy


  • Hotdogbun
    November 13, 2016 - 3:25 pm | Permalink

    Guys do not buy from SGShop. Bought an item through them but had some issue with the order, replied to them on 11/11 noon with a follow up call to their CS directly after replying to their msg, was promised to be able to secure the pricing that day. At 5.45pm dropped them another message with no reply, following day called their CS to be told that they can’t secure the pricing anymore (up till now purchase team had not replied to my msg at all) and purchase team would call me in the afternoon.

    Waited for the whole afternoon and did not get a call, messaged CS through website again and got a call from original CSO to be told that they could not give me that pricing although they promised to be able to. Promised for the manager to give me a call back for a resolution but they just did a refund to me with no accountability at all as to what happened.

    Rubbish customer service, 0 customer recovery with untrained CSO. Order at ur own risk, if the orders have no problems, great. If there are issues with the orders, don’t bank on them to help u resolve anything. To think that I still recommended so many friends to buy through them.

    Order direct from Taobao instead. I just did my frist direct order, setup one time settled. No need for their stupid agent fees and misc charges.

    • Mi
      November 14, 2016 - 12:24 pm | Permalink

      Thank you for your comments. It is really helpful. I guess their customer service got affected because of 11 Nov. Agents are for people who do not know Chinese. If you can read and write Chinese, it is better to buy from TaoBao directly. No need to pay extra fee. Enjoy your shopping on TaoBao!

  • Vahim
    January 24, 2017 - 7:43 pm | Permalink

    SGShop is pricey. You may get away with some good deals but you never know how they inflate the weight of the items before the send to you. I have 2 items (think flooring mat that are rolled up) that they said weighed 10 plus KG when they reached their warehouse in China. When they repacked, the combined weight was 1KG extra. It just would not make sense to repack when the repacked weight cost more and not less. When I received the item, it was light and compact and even a school kid could carry it with ease. It is not as if their repacking was adding more protection to the items. They did not and the item could still bend and pressed upon. To save cost, I sent the item by sea. When I got the item, I weighed it and found it only weighs 2.8 kg. I was terribly upset. How could on earth they inflate my weight by so much. Even volumetric weight should not cost that much.They are downright expensive and unethical. I have used Ezbuy before and even though I have some issues that I think they can improve, I think they are reasonable in charging.

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