SuperBuy Review: Is SuperBuy a Good TaoBao Agent?

SuperBuy review by a TaoBao addict (I buy 99% of my stuffs from TaoBao): Is SuperBuy ( an efficient, cost effective and reliable TaoBao agent?

I have received a message from someone named Jason as below:

Hi there, I am Jason from Superbuy, another Taobao shopping and shipping agent servicing 100,000 users from 70 countries and regions now. After reading your informative and objective reviews of EzBuy, 65daigou, TaoBaoRing, Bhiner, etc., I would like to know if it is possible to write a review of our shopping and shipping agent service and publish on your site? We will try our best to comply with your request. Look forward to your reply. Best regards, Jason.

Actually, I do not feel like writing TaoBao agent reviews anymore. It is really hard to write a review because I have never bought anything from TaoBao through an agent. I am not very enthusiastic about this. I had written some because I was curious about how these TaoBao agents system work. In addition, I do not get paid for writing reviews. Thus, it depends on you to try them or not. If you have tried any of those TaoBao agents I have mentioned in this blog, good or bad, please leave a comment. Your comments will help people make better decisions.

SuperBuy Review

Superbuy Review
If Jason did not message me, I will still write a review about SuperBuy one day. Why? I have been aware this TaoBao agent for a long time. In fact, I subscribed to their mailing list few years ago when they are known as DotDotBuy. Just like 65daigou and EzBuy, they changed the company’s name and the domain name recently (from DotDotBuy) to SuperBuy. They are one of the most famous TaoBao Agents in Malaysia. Their major competitor in Malaysia is Wiwaa.

SuperBuy Shipping Fee

SuperBuy ships worldwide. As Jason said, they are serving customers from 70 countries and regions now. International Shipping fee will be calculated by the actual weight or the dimensional weight. Learn how to calculate the shipping fee here: TaoBao International Shipping Cost. The shipping rate depends on where you are shipping the item and the shipping method you use. You can find the shipping rate and shipping method for different countries on their website. For my country, their shipping rate is quite high even using the cheapest shipping method. The rate is higher than TaoBao Global Direct Shipping or TaoBao Consolidate and Shipping. The delivery also takes longer to deliver.

SuperBuy Agent Fee

SuperBuy Agent Fee = 0. TaoBao agents normally charge a fee of 5% to 8% of your total purchase plus shipping fee. Surprisingly, SuperBuy does not charge a fee. Wow! They are so far the only agent I have found that does not charge an agent fee for their service. The total cost you need to pay will be: The cost of purchasing goods + local shipping (if any) + international shipping cost + a declaration fee of RMB8 (for custom clearance). Be aware, they do not charge an agent fee but their shipping rate is high.

SuperBuy Payment Methods

Payment can be made via Paypal, Alipay, Credit Card, Wechat, Bank transfer. If you use PayPal, they will charge you a transaction fee of 2.9%+0.3USD. To avoid the transaction fee, you can choose other options.

SuperBuy Contact

Business Cooperation email: (This email is only for business cooperation, please contact online customer service or leave message for other enquiries.)

Customer Service email:

Talk to the boss:

Customer Service Hotline 24/7: +86-0755-33085566

Company Address: 5B, Block AB, Tianzhan Mansion, Shenzhen Tianan Cyber Park, Shenzhen, China

SuperBuy Discount Code

SuperBuy Discount Code, SuperBuy Cash Voucher, SuperBuy Coupon? They have a membership program enables you to enjoy discount. They offer different kinds of benefits for each membership level VIP0/ VIP1/ VIP2/ VIP3/ VIP4/ VIP5/ VIP6. The membership level depends on how much money you have spent buying through them. In addition, you can get discount coupons by participate in their activities. Coupon rules vary from promotion to promotion. Keep an eye on their website or subscribe to their newsletters and find out about their latest special offers. If you think their service is good, you can also invite your friends to join SuperBuy and get a RMB30 voucher for every friend you refer!

SuperBuy Review Conclusion

Previously known as DotDotBuy, they were quite famous and reputable in the past. Changing a business name is a costly and disruptive process, especially for established businesses. I am not sure how many people are aware of the changes of the company’s name. I hope they are doing well. Since they do not charge an agent fee, what you need to consider is the international shipping fee. If you think the shipping rate and delivery time is alright for you, you might want to give them a chance.

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  • ES
    November 26, 2016 - 4:23 pm | Permalink

    I’m curious to know the foreign currency exchange rate that Superbuy uses. This is another significant way these buying agents make their profit. For example, YoyBuy as of Nov 26, 2016 is exacting a USD exchange rate that is 17% higher than the market rate. Just a few weeks ago, the YoyBuy rate was 11% higher than the market rate. This type of information is difficult to find on most buying agents’ websites.

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