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Alipay English

Are you googling Alipay English? Does Alipay have English version? Is there an English version of Alipay? Unfortunately, Alipay TaoBao is not available in English, completely in Chinese. It does not have a translate button like what we had mentioned in TaoBao English Version. Not to disappoint you, Taobao currently does not support PayPal. If you do not have an Alipay account, your TaoBao purchases will not be successful. Many people have given up buying from TaoBao because of this reason. Hence, if you want learn How to buy from TaoBao, you need to learn How to use Alipay. In addition, you should also at least know some common Chinese words like “Credit Card”, “Bank”, “Next”, etc. I will write a detailed Alipay guide such as Alipay registration and usage in my next entry. Let’s briefly talk about Alipay today. Get help from a reliable TaoBao Agent if you do not want to trouble yourself.
Alipay English

Alipay English Version

Do not be confused Alipay English Version with global.alipay.com. global.alipay.com is the English version of Alipay but you cannot use that account to pay your TaoBao purchases. Registering an account there would be just a waste of time. What is Alipay? Many people have given up buying from TaoBao also because of the TaoBao Alipay payment system. They are worrying about their security and privacy. For the ones that do not know, Alipay is a leading third-party online payment platform from the Alibaba Group providing easy, safe and secure transactions for millions of users every day. Alipay is an escrow service that helps protect your payments when buying and selling, pay securely with your credit card without exposing your details. They have proclaimed themselves as leading global provider of payments, outperforming PayPal.

Alipay English Guide

How Alipay works? Is it safe and secure? Alipay is safe and secure as it is trusted by millions of online Chinese shoppers in China. How does Alipay differ from PayPal? I have both PayPal and TaoBao accounts. In my experience, most of you use PayPal to shop online because of the security provided. As compared to Alipay, one disadvantage of using PayPal is that I have to attach my credit card and bank account details to my PayPal account. This is how we use PayPal. On the other hand, you do not need to add your credit card details to your Alipay account and link your China bank account only if you wish to transfer money to or from your Alipay account. Do I need to set up a China bank account? To use Alipay, it is not necessary to set up or open a bank account in China. I hope this brief Alipay English Guide boosts your confidence in using Alipay and helpful in your TaoBao journey. Good Luck!