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Best TaoBao Agent? TaoBao No Need Agent

Looking for the Best TaoBao Agent? You do not need a TaoBao Agent. You are your own best TaoBao agent. Come here often to find out how to be a TaoBao agent for yourself, family and friends. Sorry for not updating this site for such a long time. I have been TaoBao-ing since 2014. The very first purchase I made on TaoBao was some baking tools and plates. I have a lot of things wanted to buy from TaoBao. If you love shopping online, buying a lot of things from TaoBao. It is not worth to hire an agent. This is why I come here to update again. I have just found a very reliable and most importantly, cheap TaoBao International Shipping company. This is really a good finding for shoppers outside China like me. I will cover this more in detail my next entry. I am very excited and want to share my experience here. Even you are not staying in Asia. You can buy from TaoBao easily as long as you know Chinese, read and type Chinese.

The Best TaoBao Agent is YOURSELF

Best TaoBao Agent

Directly buying from TaoBao is very interesting and fun. However, the official TaoBao international shipping company – 4PX, SKYNET, ABX, PROUTER – shipping rate is very high, around RMB23-RMB35 per kilogram. The one I have found charges only RMB17-RMB20 per kilogram (for my country). We really can save a lot of money using non-official shipping company. The official TaoBao shipping company has a lot of limitations too. There are many things they cannot send overseas such as electronics, large items, etc. One of them rejected to send my Chinese tea tray because it was too big. I had to contact seller to do a return and refund. I was so sad that time. Thinking back on it now, I realize that it happened for a reason. I have learned a new way because of this. I get cheaper shipping rate with no limitations. Remember, you are your own best TaoBao agent. I consider myself a professional experience TaoBao agent for myself. Good luck shopping online on TaoBao.