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Alibaba Singles Day

Alibaba Singles Day 11 November is coming! Are you ready to grab things up to 70% off from China? I know I shouted this yesterday but I cannot hide my excitement. I am so excited. I am about to lose control. I do not have enough money! I want to talk a little about Alibaba Singles Day and the difference between TaoBao and Tmall here. Alibaba Singles Day is actually the Singles’ Day in China held every year on November 11th. We call it Guanggun Jie in Chinese. It is a holiday celebrated by single people. Since 2009, Alibaba has turned this lonely day into the most popular shopping day of the year, where sellers offer tempting discounts on selected items on both TaoBao.com and Tmall.com. If you are unattached and alone on this day, do not sweat it. Being single has many perks. You can actually go to blind date parties or take a selfie or dance like no one is watching or cuddle your pet or my favorite activity, shop online. It is the perfect time for sales and splurges. If you are planning to take advantage, follow my tips in TaoBao 1111 to make sure you grab the best deal.

Alibaba Singles Day Sales

Alibaba Singles Day has become the largest online shopping day in China with sales on Alibaba’s sites TaoBao.com and Tmall.com that over billions in just 24 hours. Many people are waiting for the 1111 deals. There will be million of packages need to be shipped on that day. Please expect delays compared to normal delivery service because of its high package volume during this period. You can decide whether you want to wait to buy it on sale or to buy it beforehand.

Alibaba Singles Day

Difference between TaoBao and Tmall

For the past three years shopping and buying on TaoBao, I have never really looked into the difference between TaoBao and Tmall. I have just figured it out. Tmall (tmall.com), previously known as Taobao Mall is business-to-consumer (B2C) online retail whereas TaoBao (taobao.com) is consumer-to-consumer (C2C) retail. Sellers on tmall.com are retailers whereas sellers on taobao.com are usually individual entrepreneurs. As long as you have a TaoBao account, you can shop on both. I prefer to shop on taobao.com because it is more user-friendly. I plan to spend about RMB500-1000 on Alibaba Singles Day this year. I am POOR! How about you?