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Buy Lenovo Laptop Screen Replacement from TaoBao. How to replace Lenovo Laptop Screen Screen? How to change Lenovo Screen? Lenovo Laptop Screen Repair DIY. Should you buy Lenovo Laptop Screen Replacement on eBay or TaoBao? My brother has a Lenovo Ideapad 305-15IBD laptop that runs genuine windows 10 and the screen suddenly just went black. When he turned it on, the power light and everything worked well but the screen. He connected his laptop to an external monitor and it worked. He went to Lenovo service center for screen replacement but the price they charged was just really too much for the work and the screen. So, he wanted to replace it himself and asked me to order a Lenovo laptop screen replacement online for him whether on TaoBao or eBay. The thing is, I have never bought a Laptop screen online, so how could I know what type to buy and whether the one I bought fit his laptop model. I searched on eBay and I did found some but including shipping they are quite expensive. I was unsure about the suitability or compatibility too. Contacting an eBay seller is hard therefore I decided to buy from TaoBao.

Lenovo Laptop Screen Replacement

Lenovo Laptop Screen Replacement

After doing some research, I found that there are three things you need to check before you buy a laptop screen online to make sure the screen you buy is suitable and compatible with your laptop model: 1) Screen Size – how many inches 2) Resolution – HD or Full HD 3) Connector type – how many pin, left or right. For my brother’s Lenovo Ideapad 305, the screen size is 15.6″, resolution is 1366 x 768, connector type is 30 pin, bottom left. I bought the screen replacement on TaoBao from a seller named “诚城科技“. He has many types of screen replacement for Lenovo, Asus, Acer and Dell. You must contact the seller using AliWangWang before you place your order because there are usually three types of screen to choose from:

1. A- screen with little defect; 1366 x 768 RMB135 2)
2. A+ perfect screen; 1366 x 768 RMB180 (brand new)
3. A+ HD screen; 1920 x 1080 RMB 220 (brand new)

Send the seller the image of your laptop model and the code behind the screen to ensure that the screen fit before buying it. If you place your order straightaway and pay without contacting the seller, they will send you the A- screen which is screen with a few dots. A- screen is the cheapest screen and it is not guaranteed to fit. I bought the second option, the A+ perfect screen; 1366 x 768 RMB180. I received a Lenovo Laptop Screen Replacement, a normal screen protector and a small screwdriver to open the laptop. The screen was wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in a thick paper box. Make sure you confirm this with the seller, otherwise you may receive a broken screen especially if you are a buyer outside China. Shipping in China is usually free. Should you buy Lenovo Laptop Screen Replacement from TaoBao? Should you change the screen yourself? YES! Screen replacement is easy. There are several good step-by-step tutorials on Youtube to get you started. The computer should work like new. Replacing Lenovo laptop screen without a technician is a great way to save money, not only on the cost of the screen replacement, but the cost of labor as well. My brother did it, so can you.