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TaoBao Guide

How to order from TaoBao

Next to learn, How to order from TaoBao? Instead of Google, taobao.com has become the page that appears when I first launch Chrome. The ease of TaoBao online shopping is turning me into addict. Jack Ma is tired, and does not like being rich; I am tired too cause I do not like being poor. Browsing TaoBao at the end of the day is my favorite way to unwind. There are so many good deals on TaoBao. There are so many things I want to buy. “This is why I am broke.” The best part of shopping on TaoBao is that some sellers will send you gift without informing you. For example, I bought some plates and bowls from a reputable seller. He sent me an extra plate as a gift. I did not realize it until I checked my purchased list. I am always a happy buyer on TaoBao. I left a positive feedback about the transaction to express my appreciation. I hope that I can help spread the word about such a good seller.

How to order from TaoBao website

How to order from TaoBao website? Making an order on TaoBao is rather easy. In this entry, we will go into more details. I like TaoBao ordering system. Unlike eBay, Taobao is more flexible. Many of you may have experienced this: either you place an order by mistake or you change your mind after placing an order. On eBay, once you committed to buy an item, you are contractually obliged to pay for it. There is no option to cancel or remove it. On the contrary, you can cancel your order on TaoBao anytime for any reason before you pay, you are always right.

How to order from TaoBao

Step 1: Add item to cart. Read How to shop on TaoBao.
Step 2: Go to your shopping cart and place your order.
Step 3: Select your international forwarding agent.
Step 4: Click the button located at the bottom of the page. It will lead you to the payment page.

To cancel an order you have made, go to “My TaoBao” and select “Purchases”, then click “Cancel This Order”. Choose a reason for the cancellation and follow the on-screen instructions. Cancellation of TaoBao order limits to five each day. If you have reached your daily limit, you no longer be able to cancel an order. If you need to make any changes to your order after it is submitted, please contact the seller with AliWangWang. Please note that your order may begin processing immediately after you pay and it may not be possible to change or cancel the order.

How to order from TaoBao without an agent

How to order from TaoBao without an agent means you pay no agent commission and get to enjoy perks and discounts directly from your TaoBao account and the seller. The keyword in How to buy from TaoBao (dot) com is always “without a TaoBao agent”. One of the reasons to buy on TaoBao is to save us some money. We know that many retails or online stores get their items directly from China, either from TaoBao or in other ways. Ever since I have discovered TaoBao, I no longer buy from retails or other online stores because I have found that the same item usually priced a lot more higher. Why pay more? Why pay extra? In the past, it was really hard for foreigners to buy from TaoBao as most sellers do not post overseas. Now, TaoBao has a very good purchasing and shipping system for foreigners. It offers affordable, reliable and fast international forwarding services, allowing us to send our Taobao purchases to a forwarding agent’s warehouse in China for consolidation before shipping overseas (for example, countries such as Taiwan/HongKong/Macau/Singapore/Malaysia) in a single shipment, saving us shipping fees in the process. At the same time, we can track our package at any time to ensure that the shipment arrives at our home safely. We can buy many things easily on TaoBao and saving money makes us feel good. Between, I shall try to avoid excessive browsing on TaoBao. So now, you know How to order from TaoBao.