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TaoBao Malaysia – Cheapest TaoBao Agent Malaysia

Today, when I googled Taobao Malaysia, the first few I found in Google search results were buy2taobao; sgshop; eazyla; xpressgate; bakashopping; aerobeans (dot) com. They are all TaoBao Agents. The real TaoBao website taobao.com ranked no. 9. Dear Google, can you improve your search engine? This has led me to write this. I hope Google will rank this entry in the first few. Many of you may not know that Malaysians can actually buy from TaoBao directly. You do not need to look for the cheapest TaoBao Agent Malaysia anymore. You are your very own TaoBao Agent Malaysia. You decide to buy from which buyer. You decide which shipping method to use. You decide everything. With a few clicks, you get to buy from TaoBao effortlessly. This is cool, right?

TaoBao Malaysia

TaoBao Malaysia
TaoBao does not create a .my website separately for Malaysia like eBay or Groupon. You may go to taobao.com or world.taobao.com (previously sea.taobao.com). You will be redirected accordingly according to your country IP address. There is nothing complicated. Do not google TaoBao Malaysia as the Google search results are not relevant to your search. After almost a year since my last update. TaoBao and Alipay are still not available in English. TaoBao has removed the translator I had mentioned in my previous entry, TaoBao English Version. Currently, TaoBao is only available in Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional. It should not be a problem if you know Chinese. If you do not know Chinese, you have no choice but to look for a English-Chinese TaoBao agent. As I do not buy through any TaoBao Agent, I cannot recommend any to you. Ask people around you, I think you will find a good one. Leave me a comment if you know any good and cheap TaoBao agent in Malaysia. For Singaporeans, I heard that 65daigou is quite famous. Is it? Take your first step by learning How to register TaoBao today. TaoBao Malaysia rocks.