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TaoBao Guide

How to pay TaoBao

After you have made an order, all you need to do is to pay. How to pay TaoBao? TaoBao payment system is a little bit different from other online shopping sites like eBay, Amazon, just to name a few. Taobao accepts a variety of payment methods including Alipay, Bank Deposit, Cash on Delivery, Credit Cards, etc. and these methods are very safe. How you pay for an item depends on the payment methods accepted by the seller and also depends on where you are. Cash on Delivery is not available for all purchases on taobao.com and unquestionably not available for buyers outside China. Read the item description before you place an order to find out what methods the seller accepts. From my experience, most sellers accept Alipay because it protects both the buyer and seller. This could be a complicated entry. I will try to make it as simple as I could. Let’s learn How To Buy From TaoBao.

How to pay TaoBao with Alipay

Internationally recognized payment method, PayPal is not recognized by TaoBao. Payment via PayPal is not likely on taobao.com. If you do a little bit of research on the net, Alipay is performing better than PayPal. It is a leading third-party online payment platform from the Alibaba Group providing easy, safe and secure transactions for millions of users every day, is an escrow service that helps protect your payments when buying and selling, pay securely with your credit card without exposing your details. Alipay is trusted by millions of Chinese shoppers. If you insist that PayPal is the only method you are going to trust and use, consider a TaoBao Agent as most of them accept PayPal. How to pay TaoBao with Alipay? Before you could make payment, you need to register an Alipay account and link both your TaoBao and Alipay accounts together. You just need to do this once. After that, your subsequent TaoBao purchases will be just a piece of cake.

How to pay TaoBao

Step 1: Go to the payment page.
Step 2: Choose your country or region.
Step 3: Choose your preferred payment method.
*You will be directed to the relevant page
Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions.

How to go to the payment page? Read: How to order from TaoBao. Clicking ‘Buy Now’ button on the item page is the fastest way to pay on TaoBao. Minimal or no bank fees might be involved.

How to pay TaoBao with Credit Card

How to pay TaoBao with credit card? How to pay TaoBao with Visa? Good news to foreigners, TaoBao accepts payment from credit card issued by foreign countries, Visa, Mastercard, JCB, etc. TaoBao also accepts direct debit from foreign bank accounts depends on your country or region. When choosing a payment method, look for options that are convenient, secure, and traceable in case of problems. Can I pay without an Alipay account? No, you cannot. Read: How to use Alipay – learn How to register Alipay, How to link TaoBao to Alipay, etc. there. Before you pay, make sure that your order and address are correct.