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TaoBao China Delivery Service Alert

TaoBao China delivery service alert: Domestic or international delivery will be delayed due to bad weather or natural disaster such as heavy rain, flood or typhoon. Came across three Chinese words “疑难件 (yinanjian)” while I checked the domestic delivery status of my parcel with ShenTong Express tracking tool. If you know Chinese, that three words means “knotty parcel”, parcel that is extremely difficult to handle. What? I was shocked. Keep reading, it was delayed due to bad weather or natural disaster. Living in a tropical country, I have never experienced anything like this before. I have been blessed enough to never have experienced any severe natural disaster or extreme weather so far. My first impression of that was negative. The courier company was bad. The delivery man must be lazy. I should ask the seller not to use ShenTong Express next time. However, my thoughts changed after I received an email from TaoBao Agent DotDotBuy as below.

[Announcement] Suspended Service Notice

Dear Valued Customer,

Some of the services are currently not available due to the upcoming Typhoon on October 21st.

We apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused you. We will try our best to handle your parcels as soon as we are back to normal operation. In the meanwhile, you still can visit our website, place orders and leave message to our customer service.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

TaoBao China Delivery Information

I Googled about it and realized that Typhoon is heading towards China’s Guangdong now. For safety reasons, no one is required to work on severe typhoon days (signal no 8 or above) unless prior agreement has been made or their services are absolutely essential. Roads in affected locations and surrounding areas were closed. Transport services are not available. Flights, ships, buses, trains are cancelled. These are the causes of delay if you shop on TaoBao China. Please do not blame anyone for the package being late. Be a patience and understanding buyer. If you are an international buyer, to help avoid delays, contact your China Freight Forwarder to verify whether their warehouse location affected and whether they are open and able to receive deliveries. In the case of evacuations, packages not delivered will be secured in their facilities. Delivery will be attempted when it is safe to do so.

TaoBao China Delivery Service Alert