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TaoBao Guide

How to shop on TaoBao

How to buy from TaoBao? How to shop on TaoBao? I have been shopping on TaoBao for weeks. I am addicted to TaoBao. I could spend hours on TaoBao searching more and more. I cannot resist the urge to shop and buy. I did a shopping addiction test online and I scored highly on the test, which indicates that I may be a compulsive shopper. I have never felt like this before. I was normal before I discovered TaoBao. TaoBao is awesome. It has many things, almost everything at very cheap prices. It dazzles people. International shipping fee is also very affordable. I have bought a lot of stuffs even knowing that I have very little money left. It is indeed crazy! Between, I am still in control. If not, I have to seek professional advice.

How to shop on TaoBao on your own

Shopping on TaoBao on your own can be a very exciting experience. There are over 800 million product listings; if you can think it TaoBao has it. However, beware that the same item could have different prices. The same item could have different quality by different seller. You got to be smart. How to shop on TaoBao? Before you start, you have got to learn How to register TaoBao. Well, Taobao English Version made registration easier.

How to shop on TaoBao

Step 1: Go to taobao.com and search your item by entering keywords into the search box, or browse through list of categories on the left of the home page.
Step 2: Click on the specific item you are interested in and read the item description carefully.
Step 3: Check the seller’s reputation by looking at the seller’s feedback score. Read the comments left by previous buyers to ensure that the seller can be trusted.
Step 4: Check the item page to see what purchase options are available. Select the item and quantity which you wish to buy or add in your shopping cart.
Step 5: Place your order and pay for the item.

How to shop on TaoBao without Agent

How to shop on TaoBao without Agent? TaoBao has a very good system for overseas buyers. You do not need a TaoBao Agent anymore. I am always a happy TaoBao Buyer. Here are some tips for you to shop on TaoBao yourself.

TaoBao Seller Feedback Score Chart

  • If you do not know the Chinese term of the item you are looking for, you can search the item in English to get the Chinese term for the item. Then, copy and paste the Chinese term in the search bar to get a full listing for that item. Items that listed in English are usually priced higher than standard.
  • Be reminded that you can search the item by location, price, popularity, sales volume or sellers’ credit etc. to better suit your needs.
  • If you have any questions about the item, you can contact the seller by clicking the AliWangWang icon around the seller’s information. You can also contact the seller to bargain prior to purchasing products.
  • On the item page, there are two purchase options available. You can either “Buy It Now” or “Add to Cart”. “Buy It Now” button will lead you to payment page where you can purchase the item instantly. On the other hand, your selected item(s) will be added to your “Shopping Cart”.
  • Be reminded that you can save the shipping fee by using “Shopping Cart” for multiple items. Before you buy, please check each of the item price, quantity and discount. Make sure that your total payment amount, discounted price, delivery fee and your address are correct.
  • When you ready to order, please click on the button located at the bottom of the page. It will lead you to the payment page.