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TaoBao 1212 TaoBao Year End Sale

TaoBao 1212, Double Twelve is coming! If you missed the TaoBao 1111, Alibaba Singles Day sale, does not matter. There is another TaoBao year end sale, TaoBao final sale on 12 December to get deals. The trick, of course, is keeping an eye on items you want to buy and finding out when they go on sale again. Same as double eleven, discounts up to 70% off your purchase are expected on this day. While the sale lasts throughout the duration of the day, some of the best deals will be online for a limited time only. Many items will be sold out in the first few minutes of the sale. China has 1.357 billion people, it is not easy to grab those deals. I do not plan to buy anything on TaoBao 1212. I bought and kept too many things that I do not need. I have already sold, donated, recycled or thrown away a lot of things but I still have a lot of things in my room. So, do not buy something just because it is on sale.

TaoBao 1212 Tips

TaoBao 1212

TaoBao 1212, TaoBao final sale shopping tips. Below are 5 TaoBao sale tips and tricks you would want to know as a buyer outside China to get the best deals at best price.


Many sellers have pre-sales. The earlier you place an order, the cheaper you get. Use the TaoBao search box. Tick 1212 to quickly find items on 1212 sale. There will also be deals all week before 12 December and hourly deals on the day itself.

Add to cart

Start adding to cart now. Before 11 November, brother and I have already started browsing TaoBao and added items to our shopping cart. You can find the discounted price on the item page. Once the clock reaches 00:00 China Time on 12 December, all the prices of the items you added to cart will be automatically changed to the discounted price. Quick and easy.

Use coupon

Get coupons that can be used on 12 December. Usually they can be found on the item page itself or on your shopping cart. There is a small red thing beside the seller’s name and AliWangWang icon. Click on it to get the seller’s coupon. Usually the discount coupon can be used only if your purchases exceed a certain amount. Please note that those coupons are only valid on that day.

TaoBao app

Some items are cheaper on TaoBao app. Not a lot cheaper though. You just need to download TaoBao app and place your order through TaoBao app. You can communicate TaoBao sellers on your mobile directly.

Prepare alternatives

Do search alternatives for each item. You can choose the cheaper one to purchase on 12 December. Make sure the seller is reputable and honest. Prepare an alternative design or color just in case what you want is out of stock. Contact the seller with AliWangWang. Please expect delays in delivery service for all the items you purchase on TaoBao or Tmall on 12 December. Based on my experience, China local delivery takes about 3-5 days instead of 1-2 days. Have fun and happy shopping! If you miss out TaoBao 1111 and TaoBao 1212, you will have to wait until next year.