TaoBao 1111 TaoBao Biggest Sale

TaoBao 1111, Double Eleven, Alibaba Singles Day, Global Shopping Festival, the world’s biggest online shopping day is around the corner! Many of us are eagerly waiting for the day to come. My brother wants to buy some men’s clothing and underwear whereas I want to buy some kitchen appliances. How about you? There are many ways to save tons of money on TaoBao on 11 November, if you know where to look. Discounts up to 70% off your purchase are expected on this day. While the sale lasts throughout the duration of the day, some of the best deals will be online for a limited time only. Based on my experience, many items will be sold out in the first three minutes of the sale. How to grab it before others? I have some tips below for you guys. Take a pen and get ready to take some notes. Make a list of items you want.

TaoBao 1111 Tips

TaoBao 1111

Be Early; Pre-order

Indeed the early bird catches the worm. Many sellers have already started pre-sales. The earlier you place an order, the cheaper you get. There will also be deals all week before 11 November and hourly deals on the day itself.

Add to cart

Do your research, price-match and start adding to cart now. Having all your details ready for all the items you want to buy will make the process much quicker and smoother. Brother and I have already started browsing TaoBao and add items to our shopping cart. We do not want to waste any time on choosing and deciding on that day.

Find coupon

Find coupons that can be used on 11 November. Usually they can be found on the item page itself or on your shopping cart (beside the seller’s name and AliWangWang icon).

Use TaoBao app

Make the most of TaoBao app. Download TaoBao app to receive updates and communicate TaoBao sellers instantly on your mobile. Some items are a few dollars cheaper on the app too.

Search alternatives

Do search alternatives for each item. You can choose the cheaper one to purchase on 11 November. Prepare an alternative color or design just in case the primary is out of stock. Use AliWangWang to contact the seller.

Are you excited yet! Have fun and happy shopping!
Do not panic if you miss out TaoBao 1111! Wait for TaoBao 1212 TaoBao Year End Sale.

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