TaoBao Global Direct Shipping

One of the TaoBao direct shipping options I have mentioned in TaoBao Direct Shipping was TaoBao Global Direct Shipping. I have also said that I preferred TaoBao Global Consolidate Shipping and I would never use TaoBao Global Direct Shipping again. For TaoBao Global Direct Shipping, you pay the shipping cost when you place your order. Only one payment is required (product cost plus domestic shipping cost (if any) plus international shipping cost). The shipping cost is calculated based on estimation. I guess the item weight was roughly set by the sellers. The actual weight can be greater or lower. For items that are more than 1kg, you may end up paying more or less. As a buyer, of course you will be happy if you pay lesser than what you should. What if the item is not as heavy as the estimation? You may not be pleased for paying extra. In addition, you cannot choose the shipping company you preferred. TaoBao has set a shipping company they think is the best for your country. For my country, the chosen international shipping company is not good. I am not too sure what the company is. If not mistake, it is Skynet.

TaoBao Global Direct Shipping Review

TaoBao Global Direct Shipping
TaoBao recommend you to use TaoBao Global Direct Shipping because it saves you time and energy. For my country, from my experience, TaoBao Global Direct Shipping is actually slower than TaoBao Global Consolidate Shipping. I think it is mainly because TaoBao has picked the wrong shipping company. I understand that international shipping may take up to average 5 to 15 business days to get delivered. The first time I used TaoBao Global Direct Shipping, I did not receive my package after the expected delivery date and time. The tracking info was not updated. I was panicked and worried. I thought my package was lost or stuck somewhere. I could not find the TaoBao Global Direct Shipping AliWangWang. I had to contact the TaoBao Customer Service. They just told me the package was on the way. Though the package was delivered I would not want to use that option again. The shipping was slow and they sent my items separately even they were placed in one order. Please note that you also cannot add new item into the same shipment anymore if you change your mind and want to buy something else. I do not mind to make two payments (1. product cost and domestic shipping cost (if any) 2. international shipping cost) and pay a little bit more for better international shipping company. In TaoBao International Shipping, I have talked about official and nonofficial TaoBao shipping companies. For official, I mostly use 4PX. Check the shipping company feedback scores and read reviews written by buyers if you are using TaoBao Global Consolidate Shipping. The shipping cost of is calculated based on the actual weight of the items. When the ordered items arrive at the warehouse, they will be weighted and you will have to make the second payment. You can combine multiple orders into the same shipment to reduce the shipping cost.

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