TaoBao International Shipping

I have separated TaoBao International Shipping into two categories: 1) Official 2) Nonofficial. What is the difference between official and nonofficial? The main difference is the shipping rates. I have briefly talked about this in my previous entry, Best TaoBao Agent. The official TaoBao shipping companies currently ship to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand whereas the nonofficial ship worldwide. So far, I have just used TaoBao official shipping company to ship all the items I bought, see What to buy from TaoBao. I have no experience using the nonofficial yet but I did find a few searching on Some of them have websites some of them do not have websites. The one with websites are easier to use. They all have AliWangWang, you can contact them easily.

TaoBao International Shipping Restrictions

TaoBao International Shipping

TaoBao overseas shipping. TaoBao worldwide shipping. Know before you shop on TaoBao! Due to China export regulations and carrier restrictions, international shoppers are not able to export certain items such as alcohol and cigarette. Before you buy, please make sure that those items are not on the prohibited and restricted items list. In addition to export restrictions, some international shipping companies have their own rules and regulation. They do not ship certain items such as things that are too big or too heavy. They have a size and weight limit. The list is long and rules are complicated. For item that I am not too sure whether can be shipped or not, I usually consult the shipping company before I place my order. Just copy and paste the TaoBao item link in their AliWangWang and ask them. Offcial TaoBao international shipping companies are stricter on prohibited and restricted items. A lot of things cannot be shipped depends on what country you are in especially in the USA. However, some restricted items still can be shipped. There is something called the ‘sensitive route’ where you declare your item as sensitive item and pay an extra amount to the shipping company. They will ship your item using ‘sensitive route’ and the chance to get through the custom is higher. You need to ask the shipping company whether they provide such service. I have asked all the TaoBao official shipping companies and only PRouter has this service. However, I heard their reputation is not good. Most nonofficial international shipping companies provide this service and their shipping rate is much lower than the official ones. We really can save a lot of money. For your information, there is no guarantee that you will 100% get your item by using the ‘sensitive route’. The item may not pass the custom. You may need to pay tax. You really need to communicate with the shipping company you choose before buying any restricted item on TaoBao. Check out the official and nonofficial TaoBao International Shipping rates in my next entry. If you have any question regarding to TaoBao International Shipping, you can leave me a comment below.


  • Zhiqing
    November 14, 2016 - 3:33 am | Permalink

    Hi if i am planning to ship plants, which shipping company is the best and where can i find them? Thanks 🙂

  • October
    January 7, 2017 - 4:14 am | Permalink

    Prouter service is not stable. However it is the best way I know to send power bank, alcohol ect. back to MY. They have a website where I can send a lot sensitive items or large items (for large items it is expensive )

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