How to buy TaoBao Prohibited Items

How to buy TaoBao prohibited items? How to know whether an item is prohibited to ship outside China or not? The list of TaoBao prohibited items is making me dizzy. The easiest way to check whether the item you want to buy is prohibited is to ask the international shipping company using AliWangWang. You will face two problems when buying the prohibited items. 1) You cannot place your order because the address you set in your TaoBao account was outside China. The solution for this is easy. Use TaoBao app on your mobile and you will be able to place the order. Or, you can look for another seller that selling the same item. Remember to check the seller feedback scores and read reviews written by buyers. 2) TaoBao shipping company rejects to ship your item. I got rejected before because the item I bought exceeded the company shipping size limit. The solution for this is once again easy. Find another international shipping company that willing to ship the item outside China. I have just done this using a nonofficial TaoBao international shipping company.

How to buy TaoBao Prohibited Items

TaoBao Prohibited Items

TaoBao prohibited items are things that cannot be shipped outside China due to China export regulations and carrier restrictions. Some prohibited items are flammable items, weapons, medicines, alcohol, cigarette, animals, plants and those international shipping laws prohibited items. Some prohibited items can still be shipped outside China such as food, big items, electronics, anything that contains batteries or anything that is expensive including smartphone. We called these sensitive items. Sensitive items can be shipped through sensitive route but you need to pay extra for it. The cost of sensitive route depends on the shipping company you use. Please keep in mind that sensitive route has certain risk too. The shipping company will help your sensitive item to get through the custom. Chances are high but if your item is lost or taken by the custom, no one will be responsible and a refund will not be given. The shipping company has no control over this. You must communicate with the shipping company before you send any prohibited item to them. Let them know the details of your item. I paid extra RMB35 for using sensitive route to ship my sensitive item. I have mentioned nonofficial TaoBao international shipping companies many times in my previous entries and finally I tried it out. They are very reliable and very fast. I paid the international shipping cost on Friday morning, and I received my item on Tuesday morning, faster than official TaoBao International Shipping companies. I am really satisfied with the service. I am going to use them again and again starting from today!

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