YoyBuy Review: Is YoyBuy a Cheap TaoBao Agent?

YoyBuy review by a TaoBao addict (I buy 99% of my stuffs from Taobao): Is YoyBuy (yoybuy.com) a good, reliable and cheap TaoBao agent to use? First of all, it is important for me to clarify that this is not a paid review. None of the reviews on this site is. I really love TaoBao and I have been looking for ways to save more money from buying on TaoBao as a buyer living outside China. YoyBuy is a Taobao agent for customers living in Malaysia, United States of America, Spain, Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Australia, Chile, Russia, Australia, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Canada, Peru, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, India, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Turkey, Jordan, Iran, Qatar, Hungary, Poland, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, and Netherland. I browsed through their website checking out their services and charges. The design of the website is pretty simple, easy to use similar to SGshop and MisterTao. I checked their website traffic. I found that YoyBuy is pretty popular, more popular than MisterTao, with good traffic approximately over 270,000 visitors monthly. I also discovered that the most significant portion of the traffic comes from Uzbekistan (30.7%) and male users predominate (61.5%). YoyBuy offers two types of agent services: “Buy for you” and “Ship for you”. For “Buy for you”, they will buy the TaoBao item on behalf of you and takes all the responsibility of arranging the desired items. Everything will be done on their website in English including payment. You just have to enter the TaoBao item links or you can shop on their website and add to cart straightaway.

YoyBuy Review

YoyBuy Review
How to use YoyBuy? Check out their step-by-step tutorial on its website. One thing I like about YoyBuy is their Live Chat services. Their Live Chat service time is Beijing time 9:30 to 18:30 Monday to Sunday. Other TaoBao agents usually take 1 to 2 days to reply. That is a slow process. In addition, they do not have extra services like sending you photos of your items, inspecting the items before sending them to you, and you cannot choose to ship by normal post, vacuum pack or wooden crate. They do have cost calculator, weight estimation, size conversion, Taobao shopping tips etc. on its website.

YoyBuy Payment

YoyBuy accept payment in US dollars. Two payments are required separately. You first payment will be product cost and domestic shipping cost (if any). Second payment will be international shipping cost (to destination) calculated based on weight or size, 10% agent fee of total of product cost + domestic shipping, warehouse service fee of 1 USD per parcel, and Chinese custom clearance fee of 8 RMB per parcel. Their minimum agent fee is 5.74 USD per parcel; that means, they will still charge you 5.74 USD even if the 10% of item fee + domestic shipping is less than 5.74 USD. Payment can be made via PayPal, Visa credit card, Master credit card, QIWI, Western Union, Web money, and Wire transfer. A transaction fee of 2%, 3.5%, 3.5%+0.3 or 4% will be charged depends on which method you use. You need to transfer funds to your YoyBuy account and use the balance to pay them. I read some YoyBuy reviews by real users. One of them said that YoyBuy directly deducted money from his account without informing him. I found this sentence on their website – “we will deduct it from your YoyBuy account as the logistic company charges us.” That means they have the right to deduct your money without your permission or authority? This is so dangerous! I have a Gmarket account and I left some balance in that account few years ago. I logged in just now to check my balance it was $0. Since I do not remember how much I left, I do not really care about it. However, I think this type of system sucks. They can deduct or takeaway your money so easily.

YoyBuy Shipping Fee and Service Fee

YoyBuy provide a few shipping method to choose from – DHL, EMS, E-express, Russian Post, Aramex, China Post: Air parcel, SAL parcel. Please check out their shipping size limits and restricted items. The shipping fee for my country is expensive as compared to what I have been using.

YoyBuy Coupon and Discount

You will get a USD10 YoyBuy coupon once you register as a new member. YoyBuy has a membership program called VIP Club enables you to enjoy discount. If you spend up to RMB3000, you will be automatically promoted to VIP status. You can enjoy double points. 2 points for 1 RMB will be awarded directly to your account. If you spend up to RMB25000, you will be automatically promoted to SVIP status. You can enjoy 8% agent fee instead of 10% plus double points and priority on parcel compensation. If your parcel is not arrived in time, they will compensate the parcel earlier. If you spend up to RMB100000, you will be automatically promoted to Merchant status. Agent fee is FREE! In addition to double points and priority on parcel compensation, they will arrange a business development manager to contact you to negotiate and cooperate.

YoyBuy Warnings

I found a few YoyBuy bad reviews and complaints on Google! Other than what I have mentioned just now, that they deduct your money without your permission or authority, they also sent buyers cheaper version of the TaoBao items. They sounded not honest to me. Honesty and integrity are important in a business.

My YoyBuy review conclusion: I would not consider YoyBuy because of those negative reviews and complaints. Their agent fee is cheaper, 10% agent fee of total of product cost + domestic shipping excluded international shipping fee.

YoyBuy alternative: MisterTao, SGshop, TaoBaoRing, WiWaa, Bhiner, TaobaoFocus, TaobaoSpree, 65DaiGou, TaobaoTrends, CSSBuy, Eazyla, EngTaoBao, BuyChina, iBuygle, Peeka, EzBuy, Oops, SpreeNow


  • ES
    November 26, 2016 - 8:39 am | Permalink

    I have been using Yoybuy for two years. The service has been very professional and helpful. As an SVIP member I am paying about 25.5% in fees. This includes an 11% currency exchange rate, 8% service fee, 3.5% credit card fee, and a 3% insurance fee. To date, I have been satisfied with Yoybuy, but I feel the need to start looking for cheaper alternatives. However, I may be stuck with Yoybuy, due to its very convenient platform.

    • ES
      November 26, 2016 - 10:44 am | Permalink

      I should add that YoyBuy makes it “relatively” easy to see what your actual costs are. I write “relatively” because you still need to be a bit clever to understand how all the “fees” pile up. Some of the other sites that appear cheaper may be cheaper but perhaps not by much, as it may be difficult to see where they are actually skimming their profit.

      I have been surprised by the YoyBuy’s professionalism when it comes to returns and items damaged in transit. I always pay the insurance fee, so I feel that even the slightest problems should be remunerated, and YoyBuy has always cooperated ethically and responsibly.

      I am not paid to provide this information. If anything, I am trying to justify to myself the reasons for staying with YoyBuy, even as I am looking for cheaper but equally reliable alternatives.

      My latest issue is international shipping. I always use China Air and ship the maximum 20 kg allowed to my current country of residence, Qatar. For this I pay a consistent 209 USD. Does this seem reasonable, or are there other services out there that will charge much less for international shipping? The last time I checked the China Post website, 209 USD seems close enough to the actual cost.

  • ES
    November 26, 2016 - 12:38 pm | Permalink

    I just now checked exchange rates for Nov. 26, 2016. The regular rate I see posted on the Internet is 1 cny is the equivalent to .14 usd. However, a YoyBuy purchase of 28 cny will ring up at 4.59 USD. This is an exchange rate of 1 CNY to .1639 USD, a difference of .0239 USD, which is 17% higher than the regular rate of 1 CNY to .14 USD.

    I believe that the last time I checked these figures was two weeks ago and YoyBuy’s exchange rate was a bit more favorable, due to fluctuations in the values of both the USD and the CNY. Two weeks ago the regular exchange rate was something like 1 CNY to .15 USD.

    It appears that YoyBuy sticks to a rate of of 6.1 CNY to 1 USD, even when real values fluctuate. YB does state this 6.1 CNY value on its website.

    For the past 12 months, the regular rate posted on the Internet was something like 1 CNY to .15 USD, which is equivalent to something like an additional 11% service fee, which was making me reconsider the service. But now it’s an additional 17% service. This is not sitting well with me.

    It is not always easy to decipher the actual fees you end up paying with these buying agents.

  • Estefania
    December 11, 2016 - 6:55 pm | Permalink

    I wouldn’t recommend to use this company if you run into problems. I have worked with them plenty of times before, all were ok experiences until this time. I spent nearly $200 on clothing to be shipped to USA. The parcel for some reason arrived to the USA and got sent back immediately to China. It doesn’t upset me that this happened so much compared to the poor service and lazy way of handling the situation. After 4 weeks, they haven’t reshipped it, they have not refunded me for anything, and they keep throwing this excuse at me that they are “contacting the post office every day for it”. This is all BS to me. They will NOT resolve your issues if you run into any, let it be known!

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